OMG! Thanks USA for having storages everywhere!

Storages became part of my life years ago. I’m trying to remember which was the first one.

For sure it was in Miami, I guess it was in 2007. It is something incredible, once you discover you can have stuff hidden in some place, they become part of your life.

More if you are an artist that loves to move and travel frequently. I don’t know if something in my genes from my ancestors tells me “You need to keep this cause maybe tomorrow you will need it”? or what?

I guess also it has to do cause living in different climates and staying in studios, makes me just have the more necessary. So if I stay in Miami, my winter clothes need to be in the storage, or if I have painting studios just for a few months depending where I’m, then I need to put the materials in the storage! and the paintings I didn’t sell yet.

Like this, there is always a perfect excuse, so nowadays I have one storage in here, Miami, one in New York and one in Paris. Great! so when I need something I don’t know where I left it!

I just know that my trips to the storages wherever I’m are always a must. The employees know me as we are relatives.

Many times, they are leaving the building and they bring my ID that I left when I got the cart and we have informal conversations.

I guess they miss me once I leave, cause I keep them for years!

It is like my secret home wherever I’m. I fact I dream of having homes in different parts of the world, and having a storage is something to begin with.

I could also be a thing of my ancestors, they say that if you leave something in a place, then you will return.

Let’s blame everything in my ancestors, not only my parents, haha!

Today I decided to show to some of my friends my trips in a very hot Miami, meanwhile I was crossing the bridges where I saw many boats full of people having fun, and me sweating in the car full of paintings on my way to the storage.

I was wondering why I’m doing this to myself? Do I find pleasure of being the weird solitary artist that comes and go from town to town taking the paintings?

I guess the answer will come, meantime I wanted to share with you. I’m sure I’m not alone in this one, specially in America.

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